Joan Winter works in a range of mediums to explore the fleeting nature of light as it affects color, atmosphere, and form. In the current social climate of chaos and frequent crisis, she invites the viewer to engage in moments of calm and serenity. She encourages the viewer to think about “how we see” and challenges the tension between seeing and perception. Working in printmaking, painting, and sculpture, Winter reinterprets observations of natural surroundings and landscape to reveal the illusion of changing light over time. She makes intaglio etchings on copper plates and screenprints, often printed on handmade paper from Nepal or Japan. Her process to create abstract paintings on finely woven linen includes multiple layers of transparent oil paint to fuse color and texture. Winter uses the band saw as a drawing tool and beginning point for sculpture. Her materials include light natural woods, cast resin, and steel. She makes ethereal forms emphasizing light as a primary element. Winter’s work is both immediate and timeless.