I explore the relationship between the visible and the invisible, between the materiality of my work and its inner meaning. In our current social climate of chaos, violence and frequent crisis, I am inviting the viewer to engage in moments of quiet and serenity, investigate our commonalities and encourage cross-cultural dialogue. My work is grounded in an inquiry of time, in terms of memory, physical changes, and movement in space, and light as a “giver of presence” within form. Recent studies in Japan were vital to my work. Although I have studied contemporary Japanese architecture for years, this cultural immersion to see and experience the spiritual quietness and connection to nature was revealing and inspirational.

Art, for me, is still and silent, both physical and emotional, and lives by companionship and contemplation. Uniting all of my work is the desire to reveal the essential and timeless nature of form. I am searching for ethereal qualities concealed between the layers of the seen and the unseen – between light and shadow. I believe art has the power to bridge differences and express connections, however fragile, in the ways we are connected universally.